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Most of the "activity" on this website will be happening on our Message Board, a.k.a. Grazing Buffalo. But little fun things will be popping up here from time to time. Check back soon for updates.

We are starting a FAMILY newletter!!
The first (practice) issue should have been received during the week of Sept 19-23, 2005. Hopefully every one will like the idea, this will really take off and be a great way for all of us to stay in contact with eachother. Email Mike with pictures, contibutions, ideas or anything else you can think of.
I will be putting the newletter here on the site in PDF format (you need free Adobe reader to view) approximately a week after sending it out in the mail. Eventually, I'd like to only print and send out the copies of the newletter to people that don't use the computer that much. (printing and postage gets expensive) Check back for a link to the newsletter next week.

Check the Family & Friends Birthday List, to the right, so you don't forget someone's special day. Message Board names are in ( ). If we forgot someone, don't feel bad, just drop me an email, chances are I forgot or don't have your info.

Check MIKE'S page for some new stuff... updated 7/29/05

Family & Friends Birthday's
12/31 - Midy & MO
Are you happy NOW???
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