Our Trip to Harrisburg July 22 - July 25, 2005
     Our trip to Harrisburg was jam packed with fun, but since we are still getting used to taking pictures of stuff, there are only a few pictures of the fun stuff. We are busy having fun and then forget to take pictures... we'll learn some day. Anyway, below are the pics that I took, with the exception of me on the roller coaster, Christine took those. Click on them to see the larger version.

We also played Texas Hold'em every night we were there, as well as played some tennis and shopped at CostCo, although no one took pics. It was a good time but as usual went by too fast...

  • The first few are of me sitting in the front of the Storm Runner waiting for it to launch me. It is a hydraulic coaster, you go from 0 to 72 MPH in less than 2 seconds... it's amazing. They really don't tell you when you are going to be launched, so Christine was trying to time it just right... so there are a few pictures of us just waiting, but she did a great job of snapping one just when we started to move and you can tell by the looks on everyone's face that it is amazing. My look is proof enough, but look at the girl two rows behind me... compare her to the other pics of her, it's funny.
  • The next bunch are of the girls in the Jacuzzi bath tub with a ton of bubbles, they have their bathing suits on. They were being pretty silly and it was funny to see them covered in bubbles... and getting along.
  • The next few are during dinner on Sunday night. The famous ED BURGER's were the main course. An ED BURGER is a GIANT hamburger with cheese in the middle of it. To see the size of the typical ED BURGER, look at the one of Marissa trying to take a bite of it. Trying being the key word... they are HUGE!! Marissa's didn't have cheese in it, but the others did so imagine a big chunk of cheese in the middle. Christine wimpped out and didn't attempt to eat it with a bun, but was just saving room for the really good corn on the cob that we all enjoyed. As usual, the ED BURGER's did not disappoint.
  • The last few are of the girls getting ready to sleep... and Marissa talking to Matt on her cell phone. She has a cool Tigger phone cover if you are wondering what the heck that is.



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