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  • We attended the Toy and Comic Show in Pittsburgh on Saturday July 30. The Batmobile from the 60's TV show was there, several photos were taken, including me sitting in it. I was pleasantly surprised when troops from the 501st Legion were there. The pictures are mostly of the Batmobile, and of the Empire Troops. Some funny and really cool ones, check them out.

  • Here are the pictures from our recent (7/22-7/25) trip to Harrisburg to visit my mom. All four of us actually got to go... yes, got Marissa to leave Matt's side for a few days. Along with the pictures are some information describing some of them... enjoy!

  • Recent Happenings...
  • 7/30
    Toy and Comic Show

  • 7/22-7/25
    Trip to Harrisburg




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